Confidence Through Health

Using Technology to Help Improve Your Mindset w/ Kim Askey Strasser

Episode Summary

Understanding ourselves is a key piece to having a positive, happy, and impactful life. Kim Askey Strasser and I discuss the importance of dealing with our negative thoughts, shifting our mindsets, and how technology is helping achieve these breakthroughs at faster speeds.

Episode Notes

Meta Brain Labs is using Chatbot to develop coaching programs that help individuals overcome self-limiting behaviors. The technology helps uncover both conscious and subconscious areas in which we may have negative though patterns, self-sabotaging habits, and self-limiting fears. This then allows the coaches to develop plans that will shift the client's mindset and help them achieve sustainable success.

Kim Askey Strasser is the Executive VP of Coaching and Content Development for Meta Brain Labs and leads the Meta Brain Self side of the organization. 

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