Confidence Through Health

Preparing for Physical Activity as We Age w/ John Gallucci, Jr.

Episode Summary

As we know, exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle but exercise can bring injuries if we don't prepare properly. Physical therapist Dr. John Gallucci, Jr. discusses when and how physical therapy can help you stay active and injury free.

Episode Notes

As we age, many of us struggle with maintaining the proper physical strength and flexibility necessary to exercise. This is a common cause of injuries which either send us to a physical therapists office or on the sidelines permanently. John shares with us how using physical therapy as a tool in your exercise plan can keep you active longer. 

John details his "5 Things You Don't Know You Are Doing Wrong" that tend to cause us aches and pains during the normal activities we do every day. When these activities cause us pain, he suggests physical therapy for a pain management and physcial strengthening.

Dr. John Gallucci, Jr is the CEO of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy and the Medical Coordinator for Major League Soccer (MLS). A noted published author, Gallucci released his first book, Soccer Injury Prevention and Treatment, in 2014. His second book, Play Ball: Don't Let Injuries Sideline You This Season, was released in 2018. For more information on JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, visit and find JAG-ONE on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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